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Ne face placere sa postam o parte din mesajele si gandurile Au Pairi-lor nostri, deoarece prin experienta lor, puteti afla cum e sa participi la acest program.

Silvia C.
Age: 22
Locality: Arad, Romania
Family: Akuwa, 2 children
Locality: Kent

“If I had the chance to do it again, I would make the same decision: to be an au pair. By staying in Romania I would have never had this wonderful opportunity to visit another country taking under consideration the salaries here. I was given the chance to meet a wonderful family; Carol became my friend from the first day and remains my friend today. Extraordinary people. Although I had to face problems too, I managed to resolve them. At times I felt homesick, but it passed. In these 6 months I lived and learnt more than I ever did in my entire life.
Thank you for all and I will be always grateful!

Amalia B
Age: 25
Locality: Albesti, Prahova, Romania
Host Family: Delano, 1 child
Locality: Chesnut, London
“Dear Team, I’m in London for a few days now, and it seems like a dream. Everything is so different and I like it soooo much. I can not explain why, but I feel like I’m home here. The family is more than I have ever expected: understanding, nice, people with a good heart. Thank you for everything and By-By for now!
Cristina C
Age: 21
Locality: Slatina, Romania
Family, Stewart, 1 child
Locality: Liverpool
“I’m very happy that I’m here, and very sorry that I haven’t written you till now. I get along very well with the family. Today we were in the city and visited Liverpool. The little girl is in vacation and stays with me till 6 in the afternoon, when her mother comes home. I don’t have much to do here and I’m very free.
Elena S.
Age: 25
Locality: Foscani, Romania
Family: Spencer, 3 children
Locality: Sunningdale, Bershire
“Hello! Thank you for the e-mail. I get along well with the family, the children are very nice and they tell me that I’m the best au pair they ever had. There is another Romanian au pair here, Ramona and we all go out together in our spare time (Ramona, Sara and me). We went together to visit London and Windsor. The family gave me a laptop and I can access Internet from my room. This way I will write more. I wish you a good day!"
Madalina G.
Varsta: 23 de ani
Loc.: Ploiesti, Romania
Familia: Harris, 2 copii
“Hello! I’m very happy that you wrote to me. Saturday (two weeks ago) I visited Cambridge with another au pair from Timisoara, Tamara. I was very happy to meet her and together visited the very famous city of Cambridge…. This weekend I was in London with Michelle and the girls (she has a sister who lives in London) and we stayed a whole weekend. I enjoyed very much. First day I took a walk by myself, I wanted to visit Madame Tussauds, but there were too many people waiting and I have decided to take the bus and visit Piccadilly Circus. What I like about London is that here you can find all nationalities: Indians, Chinese, Africans…and Romanian, but I haven’t met any of them yet. Michelle was very nice and paid the train ticket and the ticket for London Eye (I have worked a few Saturdays for it)… I could see the whole town from London Eye and took a lot of pictures. I was with a ship on Tames too. I will send some photos taken. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me. I feel good when I can work and get paid for my efforts. I want to put away as much money I can and invest it in something helpful for my future. Thank you again for writing so often. The other girls who came trough other agencies always complain. When I told them that you have reserved the plain ticket for me, made reservations for the embassy, they were very surprised. I always recommend you to other girls who want to be au pairs. Thank you again. Good bye and keep in touch!"
Oana L.
Age: 25
Locality: Botosani, Romania
Family: Berkley, 1 child
Locality: Surrey, London
“Hello! Sorry for not writing earlier… I arrived safe; I travelled very well, so I have recommended to all my friends this way of travelling which is less expensive. The family is very nice…she is a South African, and he is British…and they have this splendid girl….my duty is to go in the morning with the girl to school and take her at lunch , light housework after the child and me. I have a lot of free time so I will go next week to English courses. That’s all for now, I will keep you informed. Have a nice day."
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