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The Au Pair Program is a governmental cultural exchange program, with rules established by the participant countries governments, accepted and complied with by all agencies, au pair and families.

An au pair is always defined like a family member, an elder sister/brother and not an employee. An Au Pair is a person willing to travel in America or Europe and to improve its English/ French/ German language. This way, she/he will live with a host family from America or Europe and will perform limited childcare duties and light housework for that family.
To be an au pair means much more than childcare. It is also the best way to travel around the world and to discover the culture/language of another country living with a host family like a truly family member. You may choose to stay 3,6,12 or 24 months in Great Britain, United States, Holland, Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Poland etc.

Start your journey today filling in the application form and the HappyCare team will contact you for more details very soon.

Considering that Au Pair Program for America is different from Au Pair Program for Europe, please choose the destination you want in order to find out more details.

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